de Dispute Instructions – Eagle Accounts Group, Inc.

Dispute Instructions

Instructions For Providing Your Evidence

Communicate by Email

Our preferred method for receiving your evidence and corresponding with you is via email. Send your email to with the subject line “Billing dispute”. We will need the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Eagle Confirmation number
    You can find this information in the email receipt you received. If you did not get an email receipt, either it was blocked by a spam filter or the email address you gave us was incorrect.
  • Eagle Account number
    You can find this information on your bill.
  • Phone number where you can be reached.
    Though we normally correspond with you by email, there might be a situation requiring a quick response where we would need to reach you by phone.
  • A detailed and factual description of why you are disputing your bill.
    Help us to help you by providing a detailed and factual description so that we can quickly resolve your case for you.
  • Your evidence. Attach it to your email to us.
    • It will be necessary for you to scan your documents into GIF, JPG, TIFF or PDF image files.
    • Try to get the best readable image you can while maintaining a reasonable file size (less than 2MB).
    • Remember, if we cannot read what you have scanned, we will be unable to accept the document as evidence.
    • HINT: Many documents are printed on colored paper. If you can scan in color, though it produces a larger file size, it may be easier to read. Otherwise, try a grey scale color setting on your scanner and select B/W document as document type.
    • WARNING: Some email servers will not accept attachments exceeding 10MB or so. If your email will be too large, consider splitting the attachments among separate emails. Be sure to tell us how many emails to expect.

If You Are Unable to Send Evidence by Email

If you are unable to supply us with scanned document images attached to email, please call us at 888-322-EAGL (888-322-3245) during regular business hours and explain your situation to one of our agents to receive special instructions.

If You Cannot Find Your Evidence

If you cannot find your evidence or no longer have a copy, we can investigate your case for you. If you would like to request our assistance, please call us at 888-322-EAGL (888-322-3245) during regular business hours.