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Available Services

Eagle Accounts offers a wide range of services for their clients from accounts receivables management, governmental collections, bad debt collection, periodic billing, payment acceptance and reminders, and law suit management.

Trained Eagle Accounts personnel are courteous to your customers and sensitive to the special circumstances they might be experiencing.

Eagle Accounts is a member of ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) and strictly adheres to the guidelines provided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Indiana collection laws and practices.

For additional information on placing accounts with Eagle Accounts Group, Inc., please contact:

Don Jones
Phone: 317-887-5165 ext. 1113
Email: (or use the form below)

Your organization needs to collect on overdue accounts to the largest extent possible while preserving good customer relationships, and keeping costs down. Economic slowdown has caused a dramatic increase in delinquent accounts, which makes the task that much more difficult.

Drawing on breadth of experience, and established methods, Eagle Accounts acts quickly and diplomatically on your behalf, in collecting overdue accounts using a variety of methods, including phone calls and letter series, settlement payments, installments, and asset donations. The staff carries a broad knowledge of debtor behaviors, making them significantly more productive in collecting debts.

Eagle Accounts Will Maximize Your Return

Eagle Accounts is dedicated to maximizing client’s return so they can continue to focus on their core business.

  • Experienced, well-trained representatives
    Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. has two offices in Indiana staffed with experienced, well-trained representatives to manage your delinquent accounts.
  • Immediate Action
    We start collection efforts immediately upon receipt of your accounts. An initial demand letter is followed by telephone calls and/or additional letters.
  • Skip-Tracing
    We use a variety of skip-tracing vendors to locate debtors, addresses, phone numbers, and employers.
  • No Additional Cost
    Skip-tracing is performed on a daily basis on collection files in our office at no additional cost to you.
  • Litigation
    We litigate accounts when necessary (with your permission).
  • Experienced Attorneys
    Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in this field.
  • Continue Collection
    We continue collection efforts even after judgment has been obtained.
No Payment, No Fee

Accounts placed with Eagle Account Group for collection are accepted on a contingency basis. If we do not collect, there is no charge to you.

Professional, Ethical Debt Collection

Eagle Account representatives treat client debtors and customers respectfully and with dignity. We understand abusive tactics are not only illegal, but do not work for debt collection. We provide professional and ethical debt recovery services. We work with the debtor to get the debt resolved.

Client Support Second to None
  • Technology
    Eagle Accounts has the technology and ability to interface with your systems.
  • Web Portal Access
    We provide web portal access where you can view accounts online with the ability to check collection status, payment history and view demographic updates using a secure connection that is compliant with HIPPA and FDCPA regulations.
  • Easy Accounts Placement
    Clients can easily send electronic placement and payment files via our secure web portal.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Prompt Response
    We promptly respond to inquiries or concerns.
Reduce your costs and increase your revenue with Early Out Collection.

Early Out Collections consists of using methods to encourage payment of debts before they are classified as “bad debts”, reducing the amount of bad debt incurred by your organization. These methods may include a letter series, telephone contact and other measures to contact the client and collect payment

Eagle has partnered with ClaimAid Self-Pay Solutions. They have over 10 years of experience collecting from patients and over 20 years collecting from insurance companies.

Increase Revenue, Lower Costs

An Early Out program is a process designed to increase your revenue from self-pay accounts. It can be set up as early as day one or as late as day 90. Most hospital software is focused on patient care, not collecting money. A good Early Out partner will have software and procedures that are focused on collecting from your patients.

Eagle Accounts Group has partnered with ClaimAid Self Pay Solutions to manage Early Out Accounts. ClaimAid Self Pay Solutions utilizes the same software and system that Eagle uses.

With a focus on only Early Accounts, ClaimAid Self Pay Solutions is able to dramatically increase your revenue while lowering costs at the same time.

Sounds too good to be true, but it really works!

Eagle Accounts is providing collection services to numerous governmental agencies in Indiana who do not have the personnel nor the expertise for collections, often at little to no cost to the agency.

Years of Experience & Personal Attention

Eagle Accounts Group has been collecting governmental accounts since 2007. Eagle specializes in the collection of docket fees, traffic tickets, child support arrears owed to the state of Indiana, personal property taxes, probation fees, utilities, court fines and cost.

Eagle Accounts prides itself on giving personal attention to our clients.

Eagle Accounts Group has years of collection experience that has helped forged a strong program and commitment. Additionally, Eagle’s governmental liaison brings 24 years of government service experience to the job which helps with understanding the needs and challenges faced by government employees.

Eagle Accounts Group is proud to be environmentally and technologically focused:
  • Incoming faxes are received electronically and securely stored on an encrypted server
  • Clients Reports can be generated and securely placed on our web portal for our clients to view or download
  • Client Reports can be emailed to counties.
  • Eagle can wire the money collected to counties daily, weekly, semimonthly, or monthly.
  • Eagle can accept accounts electronically and mail letters the next morning.
  • Debtors can pay their accounts with Visa or Master Card via telephone or via our website
  • Debtors can “Chat” with an Eagle representative online.
  • All telephone calls, incoming and outgoing, are recorded. Eagle can email a transcript of any call to you.
  • We are from Indiana
Client Benefits At No Additional Cost

Utilizing Eagle Accounts for your governmental collections offers you these benefits at no cost:

  • Save office time and frustration from having to perform collections duties; you are able to focus on your job.
  • Save work and cost of postage, printing and stationery supplies for mailing collection notices.
  • Save money. There are no fees to pay when Eagle Accounts collects for you.
  • Utilize Eagle’s trained staff who specialize in the collection of governmental debt.
  • Avoid purchasing expensive, specialized debt collection software and services, such as skip tracing programs, that would not be cost effective for your city or county.

In an article by Stephanie Eidelman,, she speaks of the difficulties government agencies have in personally trying to collect past due receivables, especially local governments where the debtors may be their own neighbors. Using a third-party collection agency such as Eagle Accounts Group, LLC, can free government employees from facing that kind of personal conflict.

Assistance with court procedures when necessary.

Collection Diligence

Eagle accounts makes every attempt to collect your account by telephone, mailings and, in some cases, email. We constantly evaluate the accounts and in many cases find it to your benefit to file suit.

  • We only litigate on the accounts you approve
  • We have a highly trained legal staff
  • Our attorneys are well versed in FDCPA, HIPAA, State and Federal laws
  • Our attorneys are experienced in handling both medical and non-medical accounts
  • We manage the entire process and rarely does a client need to appear in court
  • Once we obtain a judgment we use various State and national sources to obtain new employment information should the need arise.
We Protect Your Investment

Our goal is to collect your account and protect your investment. If it cannot be done using letters, phone calls or emails, we will take the legal steps necessary to garnish wages and/or place a lien on property to accomplish this.