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Association of Credit and Collection ProfessionalsEagle Accounts offers a wide range of services for their clients from accountsreceivables management, governmental collections, bad debt collection, periodicbilling, payment acceptance and reminders, and law suit management.

Trained Eagle Accounts personnel are courteous to your customers and sensitive to the special circumstances they might be experiencing.

Eagle Accounts is a member of ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) and strictly adheres to the guidelines provided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (amended Nov. 2006)and Indiana collection laws and practices.Freedom to build your business. Let Eagle Accounts manage your billing.

Early Out Collection

Reduce your costs and increase your revenue with Early Out Collection.

Early Out Collections consists of using methods to encourage payment of debts before they are classified as “bad debts”, reducing the amount of bad debt incurred by your organization. These methods may include a letter series, telephone contact and other measures to contact the client and collect payment

Eagle has partnered with ClaimAid Self-Pay Solutions. They have over 10 years of experience collecting from patients and over 20 years collecting from insurance companies. Learn more…

Traditional Debt Collections

Your organization needs to collect on overdue accounts to the largest extent possible while preserving good customer relationships, and keeping costs down. Economic slowdown has caused a dramatic increase in delinquent accounts, which makes the task that much more difficult.

Drawing on breadth of experience, and established methods, Eagle Accounts acts quickly and diplomatically on your behalf, in collecting overdue accounts using a variety of methods, including phone calls and letter series, settlement payments, installments, and asset donations. The staff carries a broad knowledge of debtor behaviors, making them significantly more productive in collecting debts. Learn more…

Governmental Debt Collections

Eagle Accounts is providing collection services to numerous governmental agencies in Indiana who do not have the personnel nor the expertise for collections, often at little to no cost to the agency. Learn more…

Law Suit Management

Assistance with court procedures when necessary.