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Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management

Focus on Profitability

Eagle Accounts offers a full complement of services for Accounts Receivable Management (ARM). Preventing customer debt and recovering Accounts Receivable are vital to your organization’s success. The ARM process can require large investments in staff training and labor and distracts from your organization’s core business.

Accounts Receivable Management includes balance forwards, listing of all open invoices, generation of monthly statements, aging of receivables, plus more. Eagle Accounts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area, applying industry standards for establishing credit policies, methods for assessing customers for credit, and providing a high quality of customer service.

Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable Management provides:

  • Up to 20% lower costs for labor
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher quality of service
  • No training costs and a stable workforce
  • Scalability without large investment
  • Accurate, professional, timely invoices
  • Document archives

Unfortunately, managing delinquent accounts is often the most resource intensive aspect of the Accounts Receivables Management process.

Eagle Accounts Group can manage your accounts receivable letting you focus on building the profitability of your business..