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Law Suit Management

Law Suit Management

Collection Diligence

Eagle accounts makes every attempt to collect your account by telephone, mailings and, in some cases, email. We constantly evaluate the accounts and in many cases find it to your benefit to file suit.

  • We only litigate on the accounts you approve
  • We have a highly trained legal staff
  • Our attorneys are well versed in FDCPA, HIPAA, State and Federal laws
  • Our attorneys are experienced in handling both medical and non-medical accounts
  • We manage the entire process and rarely does a client need to appear in court
  • Once we obtain a judgment we use various State and national sources to obtain new employment information should the need arise.

We Protect Your Investment

Our goal is to collect your account and protect your investment. If it cannot be done using letters, phone calls or emails, we will take the legal steps necessary to garnish wages and/or place a lien on property to accomplish this.