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Debt Collections by Eagle Accounts

We maximize client returns

Increase revenue & lower costs with Early Out Program

We offer competitive pricing

We are very responsive to our clients and customers

We utilize green technology whenever possible

We are respectful of clients and customers

We are the #1 collector for Indiana government offices

We specialize in medical and utility collection

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Eagle Accounts, located in Indianapolis, Indiana was established in 1972 and offers state, regional and nationwide debt collection services and is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.  Providing debt collection, asset recovery, dispute resolution, billing, pre-collection programs and court services.

Early Out Program

The pressure to increase revenue and reduce bad debt while exceeding consumer satisfaction expectations in getting more complex each day. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to achieve your financial goals, an Early Out program may be just the right ticket.


Local and county governments are under increasing pressure to save money due to tight budgets. Holding uncollected revenue in the form of unpaid traffic tickets, court docket fees, property taxes, etc. does not help.

Eagle Accounts Group can get that revenue for the government. With years of experience in the debt collection business, Eagle Accounts has the tools and the skill to locate debtors and secure payments at no cost to the government.