About Us

Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. is a family owned and operated business since 1972 located in Indianapolis. We have a staff of trained professionals whose goal is to collect your accounts in a respectful and dignified manner. Our collectors have an average length of service of 6.8 years.

We are dedicated to producing quality results for you.

As Eagle Accounts has grown and expanded our client base, we have hired professionals with background in medical insurance, governmental collections, and child support enforcement.

Eagle Accounts Group has the highest regard for the security and integrity of our client’s data. All critical data is stored on encrypted servers meeting or exceeding the HIPAA, HITECH, and other standard requirements outlining information security guidelines. All credit card information is stored and transferred in compliance with current PCI D-MERCH 3.0 requirements. In addition, Eagle backs up all critical files and data to secure off-site locations for business continuity and disaster management planning.

Eagle Accounts is an Eco-friendly company. We pride ourselves on making our planet a cleaner environment for our children. We reuse and recycle all that we can. We provide electronic reports and remittance to our clients whenever possible, thus reducing paper waste.

Eagle is proud to be an active member of ACA International, the Indiana Collectors Association and the Association of Indiana Counties, Inc.

Indiana Collectors Association
ACA International
Association of Indiana Counties